Month: November 2019

Near the Matanzas!

At Just a stone throw away from the Matanzas River, this cozy home received a re-roof to give this house a new life! A to Z installed 26 gauge Galvalume Sim-rib metal to give this home lasting protection and head-turning appeal.

North Side of St. Augustine.

A to Z completed a new re-roof on this gorgeous home located on the North Side of St. Augustine. Owen’s Corning Amber shingles were installed to give this home a beautiful new look with years of protections.

Just off the Coast!

This beautiful home sitting just off the coast of St. Augustine Beach received a new roof and new life! A to Z installed IKO Dynasty Shingles in Frostone Grey to complete this project and set up the homeowners with lasting protection.

Leading into the heart of the city.

On the road that leads into the heart of the city sits this cozy 2-story house that was in need of a new roof. A to Z installed Tri County Metals Ultra Lok 26 Gauge Galvalume panes to bring new life and lasting protection to this amazing home.

Downtown Vicinity!

In the vicinity of downtown St. Augustine sits this modest two-story home. AtoZ completed a re-roof utilizing 26 gauge Galvalume metal panels giving this home the lasting protection it requires.

On the North Side

AtoZ completed a new re-roofing job on this beautiful single story home on the north side of St. Augustine. We utilized a black diamond torch-down base with 26 gauge Galvalume panels to complete the tapered roof system.